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Hello & nice to meet you, my name is Cait (she/her/hers).

I have been working in the therapy field since 2010, when I started as a group aide in social skills groups for autistic children, teens, and adults. I started seeing my own clients in 2013 as part of my clinical internship during my master's program at Seton Hall University. Over the course of my clinical experience, I have worked as an in-home therapist, at a small town therapy clinic through a university, at two community mental health centers, a Family Crisis Intervention Unit, and now in private practice. 

Although I take an integrative approach to therapy, Narrative (transforming problem stories into new stories that align with your values, based on meaning-making and reframing) and Contextual (exploring multigenerational patterns, past hurts, a multidimensional understanding of self and others, and not carrying negative parts of the past with you into the present and future) models are at the core of my work. Particularly when working with partner relationships, I also tend to use Emotionally Focused and Gottman-based techniques, which focus on attachment, turning toward one another, and building shared meaning.

In addition to being a therapist, I also enjoy spending time in nature (especially by hiking and camping), cooking, and snuggling with my dog, Lillie.

My license number is NJ# 37FI00210000

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